Episode 65

Published on:

19th Mar 2024

Sand Job, Lionheart and many interviews...

In this episode Marty talks about Dan Wheldon, Chris recommends some Drive to Survive episodes, and there are flying dildos.

But first, Dan Wheldon's life and legacy is coming to the documentary Lionheart.

Chris has watched Drive to Survive, and Marty hasn't. Is it worth a watch, and which episodes are worth your time? But both have watched Grand Tour presents Sand Job.

In 'What has Henry Catchpole been upto this week?' it's the F.A.T Ice Race in Aspen - or Goodwood on Ice - with some bizarrely rare and special cars raised up and given studded tyres.

For some reason, we're been drenched in interviews this month, with Ben Collins chatting with Top Gear mastermind Andy Wilman, while Dan and Andrew of The Intercooler talking really inside baseball with James May.

However, we couldn't avoid talking about Red Bull's challenge to build a drone that can keep up with an F1 car, which may change the way we see Formula cars on the limit. It's deeply impressive and looks like a flying dildo.

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