Episode 66

Published on:

17th Apr 2024

Rally Special (Stage)

In this rally-themed special stage of an episode, Chris and Martin review Audi vs. Lancia: Race for Glory, chat about the most famous Colin McRae onboard and wonder just how long Tuthill's Rally With No Name 2023 video will stay online before the copyright FIA exclude it for having a cheaty turbo.

But first we temporarily remove our bobble hats to discuss that maybe Amazon isn't done with the Grand Tour as production companies have been approached to pitch for the Grand Tour.

Whistles blaring and bobble hats replaced, we settle in to give our thoughts on Race for Glory: Audi vs. Lancia.

In 'What Has Henry Catchpole Been Upto This Week?' we stick with our theme and revisit some rally legends reborn in the Kimera EVO37 and the utterly delicious Prodrive P25.

Our joint Youtube pick this episode is the wonder Tuthill Porsche film of the Rally With No Name, which perfectly walks the line between sharing the fun of the event without becoming too much about the fun or the competition. Watch it now before it maybe gets pulled!

Inspired by the Collecting Cars podcast, we picked our desert island YouTube clips to watch over and over. Despite a whole list of amazing videos, Marty went with Henry Catchpole driving an Aston Martin N430 Vantage on the old Military Road. Chris went even further back to Chris Harris driving an F1 car in the near freezing cold at Silverstone and part 2. A great example of Chris putting the viewer vicariously in the experience, including having Martin Brundle on hand to help.

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