Episode 57

Published on:

13th Feb 2023

Helping YouTubers Grow Their Channels

In this episode, we don't review a move! Instead, Marty tries to watch the Lamborghini movie, Chris does some research on how to help YouTubers reach more viewers and we discuss why Ted Kravtiz is vital to Sky's F1 coverage.

But first, B is for Build has posted a carefully worded summary of the court cases surrounding licensing for Eleanor builds. Girardo and Co and Fiskens are selling cars in Paris connected to the movie Le Mans, and Johnny Herbert and Paul di Resta are no longer presenting on Sky F1.

Since the last episode Marty tried watching the Lamborghini movie and it didn't go well, Mat Armstrong is trying to rebuild a 992 GT3 and Mighty Car Mods are literally overnighting parts from Japan.

Chris enjoyed the behind the scenes look at broadcasting the 2021 British Grand Prix on F1 TV, but it was this video from JayEmmoncars that sparked the question of what viewers can do to help support YouTube creators they like. The big takeaways were:

  • The best thing you can do is personally share and recommend videos. This helps creators find like minded viewers and will help grow their audience.
  • Listen to creators. If they are pushing their merch, Patreon, brand sponsors or other sales, this is them telling you how their business is supported.
  • Liking, commenting and subscribing may be a cliche, but it does help. By subscribing to channels, it does help them find sponsors and set rates accordingly.

A huge thanks for James Martin and Misha Charoudin for their input, as well as Attache Travel, Super Rider and more for their honest insight.

In 'What Is Henry Catchpole Up To This Week?' news, he's squeezed his tall frame into a little Caterham and shown that less can still be engaging and exciting on video.

For his YouTube picks, Chris went with the Launch Control: Road to Gymkhana 2022 series, looking at what it takes to shoot a Gymkhana film and keep the car running. For his channel choices, a big thanks to James Martin and Misha Charoudin for this support.

Marty went with the Smoking Tire reviewing the 911 Dakar and his channel pick was the always great Doug Demuro but especially now he's bought and reviewed his all time dream car - Thiiiiis is the Carrera GT.

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