Episode 56

Published on:

25th Jan 2023

Death Race: Carradine vs Statham

On our first episode of 2023, Chris and Marty compare 1975's Death Race 2000 and 2008's Death Race, reflect on the work of Ken Block, catch up on all the good car content that was released over Christmas and argue about whether Drive to Survive still appeals to F1 fans.

But first, we discuss the sad passing of Ken Block and the legacy he leaves behind, the remake of Bullitt, is this the end of the Grand Tour? and Drive to Survive is out Feb 24th!

Since the last episode, we've been watching loads of Car Trek - both in episodes and the Oregon Fail special - Michael Fassbender actually completes the Road to Le Mans (Or does he?). Evo's Car of the Year is actually good again. Chris starts watching the Bernie story 'Lucky', all the Gymkhana films, a short film about Group B rallying starring Richard Madden, the real story behind Mighty Car Mods and Turbos and Temples 3.

For our reviews we compare Death Race 2000 (1975) and Death Race (2008).

In What Has Henry Catchpole Been Driving This Week? He ended his Carfection run with a sublime Ferrari 550 Maranello video, highlighting just what a brilliant car that is. He also drove the McLaren Mercedes SLR HDK by MSO, which was a wonderful bit of rare groove automobilia!

For our picks, Chris went for Mercedes F1's Las Vegas demo run as a flex of 360 camera tech, while his channel was Donut Media (again), especially the High Car/Low Car challenges.

Marty excavated a wonderful documentary about Thrust SSC from Archive.org for his pick, while the channel could only be Hoonigan.

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