Episode 60

Published on:

30th May 2023

Fast-Ten Your Seatbelts

The Fast franchise is back with Fast X, and we're here with our review of the craziest Fast movie yet. We also talk diggers, Monaco TV and rubbish pick up trucks that made it to the UK.

But first we discuss the development of the Dunsfold site, otherwise known as the Top Gear test track. Gran Turismo has a trailer out with the film following soon. F1 has taken over production of the Monaco Grand Prix from TMC, and the next Grand Tour adventure - Eurocrash - is coming out June 16th!

Since the last episode, we've both been enthralled by Tavarish salvaging a McLaren P1, the great Nurburgring 24h live stream, and after Steve Sutcliffe voiced his opinion that the McLaren F1 is overrated, some classic Best Motoring featuring an F1 group test that rather backs up his theory. Chris also raises some interesting tips from The Photographer's Eye about how to get the best out of YouTube for viewers.

For our review this episode, it has to be Fast X. Be warned, there is a spoiler section ahead!

In 'What has Henry Catchpole been upto this week?', he's been taking a ride in the brain scrambling McMurtry Spieling fan car!

For their YouTube picks, Chris went with one from TJ Hunt where he and his crew unpack a BMW Motorsport GT3 body kit, and all giggle like kids at Christmas. For his channel he went with the Nurburgring 24 Hour, which not only hosted live streams of the race, but quickly cut some beautiful highlights packages to aid the fan engagement.

Marty picked F1 sharing the whole Imola Grand Prix from 2005, but as we recorded F1 had pulled it (Although it's still on the excellent F1 TV) and instead he went for the soggy 2008 Monaco Grand Prix which Matt Bishop recently said he thought was one of Lewis's greatest drives. Finally, no mention of Best Motoring can pass without recommending it as the rabbit hole of unique motoring fun it is!

60 episodes! Can you believe it!

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