Episode 61

Published on:

19th Jul 2023

Driven (no, not that one)

Chris and Marty are back! In this episode, we talk about the new F1 movie and its fake Apex Racing team, there's a mini-review of the latest Mission Impossible movie and Chris looks at 2018's Driven film about Jim Hoffman and John DeLorean.

But first, Apex Racing for the as yet unnamed F1 film is being filmed now during active Grand Prix weekends. We'd love to share The Race's great video on it, but F1 have copyright claimed it, so instead here's Martin Brundle chatting with Brad Pitt.

Sky Documentaries is now showing their latest Mansell and Williams film.

Since our last episode we've been watching The Grand Tour presents Eurocrash, Marty raves about Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part 1 in IMAX, both have been enjoying Tavarish's P1 Rebuild and Chris loved George Russell in a Eurofighter Typhoon.

Following his successes in Ted Lasso, Chris reviews Jason Sudeikis's turn in Driven (Not that one).

In 'What has Henry Catchpole been upto this week?', Henry shares his thoughts on the new Aston Martin DB11, and Chris really, really likes his writing.

For his Youtube picks, Chris has picked a Larry Chen video meeting the German YouTuber JP Performance. For his channel, Chris has gone back to The Race for their quick, but insightful reporting.

Marty has chosen the latest interview between Doug deMuro and Alanis King discussing their automotive takes, and for his channel its long time Tavarish collaborator Jack Builds It.

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