Episode 47

Published on:

10th Dec 2021

Drive to Overdrive

In this episode Chris and Marty review two very different movies with the word 'Drive' in the title, Hammond's Workshop gets the Automovie once-over, Driftworks gets the love it deserves, and Chris sneaks in a review of Ghostbuster Afterlife on a technicality.

But first, Chris has been enjoying Ghostbusters:Afterlife on an IMAX screen because he's a big Ghostbusters nerd. Top Gear produced a fantastic behind the scenes look at how they shoot cars in a studio. The Grand Tour have released the trailer for Carnarge A Trois, and F1 has produced a beautiful tribute to Frank Williams with a great script by Sarah Holt.

In news, The Drive and Donut Media are now under the same ownership, Chris has watched Hammond's Workshop, but it's the accompanying behind the scenes Drivetribe content and how he's a great example to the upcoming YouTube presenters which is really impressive. Also the new series of Car Trek is out soon, as Matt Farah is also back with more All Cars Go to Heaven.

For the reviews, Marty watches Drive, while Chris takes a listener suggest and discusses the similarly named Overdrive.

This week Henry Catchpole has been driving the new track special Mclaren 720S GT3X.

For their YouTube picks, Chris enjoys Jason Cammisa going through the Porsche GT history. It's a great companion piece with the Collecting Cars podcast with Andreas Preuninger. For his channel pick, it's another listener suggestion with the perfectly Automovie channel Making for Motorsport. Marty dipped into his passion for land speed cars with a video on the Golden Arrow. His channel pick he has been binging is the brilliantly down to earth, hugely watchable Driftworks channel.

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