Episode 46

Published on:

11th Nov 2021

Mad Max: Fast and Furiosa

After a month away from their now thoroughly disinfected microphones, Chris and Marty return to the Automovie Podcast and finally get around to reviewing Mad Max: Fury Road. We also talk Top Gear a lot, Back to the Future quite a bit, and NO TIME FOR SPOILERS!

But first, after both being bed ridden, Chris and Marty have been watching the Porsche Taycan meeting the BTTF Delorean advert (with Mayor Goldie Wilson...) Michael Fassbender is back in the 911 RSR for another season of Road to Le Mans. Chris finally watched Expedition: Back to the Future on Discovery+ and gave it a thumbs up for the BTTF geeks out there. Listener David Barrett pointed out that Tyler Hoover was putting all 40 of his cars up for sale, and he was not alone as Car Trek mates Ed Bolian and Freddie Tavarish were doing the same.

Chris and Marty have both seen the new Bond, and this is NO TIME FOR SPOILERS! Fifth Gear Recharged is coming back to Discovery+ with a new focus on electrified motoring. The BBC has put all episodes of Top Gear up on iPlayer - at least for UK viewers - with the original music and only the small Senna documentary missing. Also Top Gear America has made it onto Discovery+ for UK viewers too! And the new series of Top Gear will be on British screens November 14th. Friend of the show Matt Lange pointed us in the direction of Florida car dealership Curated selling a collection of four screen used cars from the Transformers movies being sold from Michael Bay's personal collection for $2m. They also posted a chat with Michael Bay on their YouTube channel, with some interesting tidbits and some bad audio at times.

The main film for review this episode is Mad Max: Fury Road.

Since our last episode, Henry Catchpole has been discovering the new Range Rover. Also Carfection have been doing some belting films recently with other presenters such as Radical SR1 racing and Alex Goy revisiting the Renault Clio V6. All worth a watch.

For Chris's YouTube pick, he's gone with How Tyler Hoover launched 9 YT channels? from Vinwiki. A great companion piece is this Car Ninja video looking at how Tyler films his videos. For his channel, Chris went with John Temerian's channel, he of Curated who are selling the Michael Bay cars.

Marty enjoyed Tavarish's finally finished Mclaren 675LT, while his channel is the interesting Torque GT.

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