Episode 54

Published on:

14th Sep 2022

Impossible Missions: Part 2

We're still choosing to accept missions, this time to review Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol and Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation. Marty talks archive WEC races on YouTube and adds more details to the upcoming Brawn F1 documentary from Keanu Reeves, and Chris wonders whether the recently-auctioned 992 'Sally' Carrera is the most expensive 911 of all time.

But first, Sally Carrera - the Pixar/Porsche collaboration - sells for $3.6m! The Grand Tour's Scandi Flick has a trailer out ahead of Sept 16th release. Did Jenson Button reveal the Brawn documentary is coming out to Disney+ sooner than expected? That and several more projects with F1 involvement. The Guardian reviews The Hit, the documentary focussing on Tony Stewart and Kevin Ward Jr's incident in which Kevin lost his life.

For our movie reviews, we turn a corner with Mission Impossible and watch the increasingly better Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation.

In "What has Henry Catchpole been upto this episode?" he joins the ever chatty Andreas Preuninger to go through the nuts and bolts of the 992 GT3 RS, and as a bonus, Carfection also have a film about the new 911 Turbo S running the street car class at Pikes Peak. The film is a collaboration with 000 Magazine, and includes a car wrapped in a magazine feature of Dickie Meaden driving the 930 Turbo, with Andy Morgan's photographs too!

For our Youtube picks, Chris chose a tech video from Mrwhosetheboss looking at every Playstation version. Why? Because they use Gran Turismo to show the advancement and wow... Being as we're on the cutting edge of finding new up and coming talent, Chris also chose the 2.2m subscriber Throttle House for his channel having watched the great battle of the 6x6 Brabus vs a home made, 6 wheel MegaRaptor! Marty's video is the latest Hagerty Icons video from the every brilliant Jason Cammisa is the Ford Bronco Raptor meeting its competition.

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