Episode 51

Published on:

9th May 2022

Hazzardous Territory

In this episode of the Automovie Podcast, Chris and Marty talk about the recently-released Max Mosley documentary on Netflix, the surprise departure of Justin Lin from Fast X, and selflessly watch the Dukes of Hazzard so that you don't have to.

We also discover that we're not the only cars in films podcast out there, so say hi to Reels and Wheels!

But first, Justin Lin has left Fast Ten. No word why, or if he'll be back for Fast 11. The great team at Tangent Vector have started producing a new series for Top Gear's YouTube channel with Rob Dahm called American Tuned. Alex Kersten has set up his own YouTube channel - Auto Alex - and his draw alone has garnered hundreds of thousands of subscribers in anticipation of new content. And finally the BBC has started posting old film reviews by the great, and much missed Barry Norman. His style was so well known and imitated that he became as much of a star as the films he reviewed, like Back to the Future here. And why not.

Since our last episode Chris has watched Mosley: It's Complicated which also coincided with this interview with Nikita Mazepin, and both had the same sort of media control. Marty visited hallowed ground in the Lake District (if you're going, stay in this cottage!) and talks about the Bluebird K7 restoration documentary.

For our main review we discussed both the acting, and driving in the Dukes of Hazzard (2005). Moving on...

For his YouTube picks, Chris went with Driver61 putting F1 wheels and tyres onto an MR2 with... results. It also answered the question "What would happen if you wrapped someone up in tyre blankets?" His channel pick is SAMMIT, especially his time around Ebisu circuit during and after the recent earthquake. Marty carried on the good side of the Dukes of Hazzard vibe with Tanner Faust breaking down 10 car stunts in movies and TV. His channel is the excellent Brundle: Behind the Wheel.

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