Episode 40

Published on:

21st May 2021

The state of Motorsport TV

In a step away from our usual format, Chris and Marty talk about motorsport TV, including what drives them mad about IndyCar coverage, why Monaco was the best Formula E race to date, and why Marty worries about whether Anthony Davidson can pay his mortgage.

But first, we discuss the great Car Trek Season 4 and Hagerty reports a screen used, Paul Walker-driven orange Toyota Supra from the first two Fast and the Furious films is going under the hammer.

For their YouTube picks, Marty went with Alex Brundle's excellent Good Lap vs Great Lap - Lewis Hamilton at Monaco 2019, and then Romain Grosjean's official channel, which includes his similarly excellent track guide to Monaco.

Chris combined the love of build channels and racing channels by highlighting Team Prawn Racing, with Nick Vaughn who both builds and races his Audi A3. This year has seen a big push by Praga to highlight their R1 race car, and Jimmy Broadbent has been taking his viewers with him into the cockpit.

Lastly, what has Henry Catchpole been up to this week? Well…this: McLaren F1, Porsche 911 GT1, Mercedes CLK GTR: The ULTIMATE Group Test, Part 1. In the first part is the McLaren F1, then the 911 GT1 in the second, with the CLK GTR to follow.

DK Engineering’s user guides for the CLK GTR and 911 GT1 are also well worth a watch to really geek out about every detail of both of these super, super rare cars!

While we're talking about Henry, while we do focus on moving pictures, we also love great long-form written content and Henry has joined the roster of writers on The Intercooler app. If you appreciate great automotive writing, for just a few pounds a month you get daily content from some amazing writers!

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