Episode 3

Published on:

8th Aug 2019

Fast vs Furious

In this episode of the Automotive Podcast Chris and Martin will be looking at Fast vs Furious - our favourite F&F films, in honour of Hobbs & Shaw being released this week.

But first we talk about about season 2 of F1: Drive to Survive on Netflix being announced, alongside Motor1 reporting on Netflix’s other intriguing show Hyperdrive. Chris also looks at the 60 film nominations announced for the International Motor Film Awards

For this episode Martin discusses Fast 5 while Chris geeks out on Tokyo Drift.

And for this week Martin’s been watching Alzen Turbinchen in VLN from 2005 and Chris has been learning all about theme parks with The Disaster Of Fast & Furious - Supercharged | Expedition Universal Studios Florida.

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